Neighbourhood Learning

Cardiff Council:

Neighbourhood Learning

The Neighbourhood Learning Service  delivers learning  across a wide variety of curriculum areas to both adults and families across the city. The courses are both formal and accredited as well informal. Learning is delivered in a variety of venues including Neighbourhood Learning Centres, Schools and other community settings.

During the last six  months, Cardiff Council’s Neighbourhood Learning Service has taken   positive steps to raise awareness of Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC). From May onwards all Centre managers received training in this subject and were encouraged to think about the ways in which they could support and promote ESDGC within the centres they manage and within curriculum areas. During the summer break, 90 tutors also received training and were given the opportunity to work together to think about the ways that ESDGC could be embedded into delivery. As well as sharing information on existing good practice, tutors were active in thinking up lots of creative ways in which to incorporate sustainable development and global citizenship into their teaching.
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