Fairtrade, Earth Hour, Storytelling

ESDGC in Cardiff replaces the Green Envelope, which had its last issue in April 2012.




Fairtrade Resources

Fairtrade Fortnight may have already started but you can learn about fair trade all year round.

Here are some things you might like to do in school for the 5th Anniversary of Wales becoming a Fairtrade Nation.

Do you know we were the World’s first Fairtrade Nation? YES WE DO

Celebrate the 5 years as a Fair Trade Nation    Dathlwch y 5 mlynedd fel Cenedl Masnach Deg

Innovations in Marine Education,  Residential Workshop

  • 15th – 17th March 2013

Dale Fort Field Centre, Pembrokeshire

From Field Studies Council in conjunction with the British Ecological Society and the London Science Learning Centre

Funding available to teachers in Wales. See more details 

Have you joined in Earth Hour before?

Saturday 23rd March:  8.30 – 9.30 pm local time

Earth Hour is a local event with a global message. All around the world individuals, companies, councils and other organisations will be turning off their lights for an hour.

Schools can join in by ensuring that the lights are off when you leave on the Friday.

As it is the first day of the Easter holidays (for many schools) it is even more important to make sure everything is switched off for the next 2 weeks.

During the Christmas holidays some schools in Cardiff used up to 60% term time electricity and 85% term time gas, just because they forgot to switch off.
Don’t forget to remind any other users of your school premises about the importance of turning off lights, equipment, heating etc when they leave.

Energy and Sustainability Trails at St Fagans


At St Fagans you will find some interesting trails around the different houses looking at energy/sustainability through time and into the future. This can be adapted for Welsh Bacc if necessary.

Ty Gwyrdd itself is closing around May, for the redevelopment but the trails and other resources will still be available on the website.


ESDGC through StorytellingCL-icon[1]

Cath Little is a local storyteller with a global outlook. She can spin a yarn and weave a story to enable children of all ages to appreciate the world around them.

More details of Cath’s performances for ESDGC.




Sustainable Schools Buildings –
 Research Questionnaire

The BRE Trust are currently conducting a research project, relating to the refurbishment of school buildings. 

If you have been involved in refurbishing a school building in the last couple of years, we would be very grateful if you could complete the questionnaire (via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H9LDFQF ) by giving a quick fired summary of the scope of work carried out for the project.  

More details of the project and how the information will be used.


RHS Spring Flower Showrhs-logo

  • 19 – 21st April Bute Park

There is a new category for the Spring flower show this year, which everyone can enter.

See details of the Shabby Chic Horticultural Competition at RHS

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