ESDGC in Cardiff November 2012

ESDGC in Cardiff November 2012

Cardiff Sustainable Education Network (CSEN)

Supporting ESDGC in Cardiff Schools

This months featured CSEN member is:

Cath Little – Storyteller

Cath Little is a storyteller and singer drawing inspiration from her Irish and English heritage and from her Welsh home land.

“The first time I told, rather than read, a story to a group of children I was amazed how well they listened to me.
They listened more attentively and, without the book in the way, I was free to watch them and see the effect the story was having.”

This eye to eye contact is one of the things that make storytelling such a special activity.

The storyteller and the story listener are both actively creating pictures in their minds, they are making pictures together, they are making meaning together and that makes storytelling a very social activity too.
Listening to a story together can be a moving experience, it can help us see the world from another point of view and understand that there are different ways to tell the truth.

Stories help us to wonder, to wish and to imagine otherwise. They can help us explore problems and imagine solutions. They can help us imagine a better world. 

Cath offers Storytelling and Story-Making Workshops from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 3. 
She also run in service courses for teachers. 

Contact Cath Little
029 20230919  / 0771 7091442
See more on Cath’s website


Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE)

Do you know of any young people who care about local environmental issues and want to raise awareness of them?

Young people from Secondary schools, colleges and youth organisations from across Wales can get involved with investigations and reports on the issues that matter to them.

They can choose their reporting media – written, photographic or video and base their report on one of eight topics – Biodiversity, Coastline, Climate Change, Water, Waste, Energy, Cities and Agriculture & Nature. There are 3 age categories 11-14, 15-18 and 19-21.

The Welsh winners are judged with submitted reports from 26 other countries involved in YRE, for the recognition of being an International winner!

You will need to register your interest to take part and will then get sent more information. Contact

Take a look at previous winning reports on

Bilingual Flyer 

A fairer and more sustainable future 

Our Food for Thought resources help pupils learn more about the global food system, think critically about why it may be unfair, and get creative about how to take action.

All of our resources support Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) themes including Wealth and Poverty, Climate Change, Choices and Decisions.

Our Food for Thought resources support the Skills Framework through developing thinking and communication skills, as well as supporting literacy. They’re available in Welsh and in English.

Find out more and download resources in English

Dyfodol tecach a mwy cynaliadwy

Mae ein Hadnoddau Tamaid i Gnoi Cil yn helpu disgyblion i ddysgu rhagor am y system fwyd fyd-eang, meddwl yn feirniadol pam y gallai fod yn annheg, a meddwl yn greadigol am sut i weithredu.

Mae ein holl adnoddau yn cefnogi themâu Addysg Datblygu Cynaliadwy a Dinasyddiaeth Fyd-eang (ADCDF), gan gynnwys Cyfoeth a Thlodi, Newid Hinsawdd, a Dewisiadau a Phenderfyniadau.

Mae Adnoddau Tamaid i Gnoi Cil yn cefnogi’r Fframwaith Sgiliau drwy ddatblygu sgiliau meddwl a chyfathrebu, yn ogystal â chefnogi llythrennedd – ac maen nhw ar gael yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg.

Rhagor o wybodaeth a llwytho adnoddau i lawr yn y Gymraeg

Mwajuma Mbonde harvesting rice on her farm in Tanzania
Mwajuma Mbonde yn cynaeafu reis ar ei fferm yn Tanzania.

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Cardiff Harbour Authority provides organised school visits to Flat Holm Island and Cardiff Bay. Our day programmes are all linked to the national curriculum, covering subjects such as Geography, Science and ESDGC topics.  

NEW Cardiff Harbour Authority education programme for schools:

Flat Holm Island day or residential school visit opportunities for 2013 season:

Our Corporate and Team Building Pack  is now available for next year offering a wide range of activities.




Visit Newport Wetlands …

to give your pupils a chance to experience nature, we offer a range of curriculum linked programmes that can be tailored to your needs. For more information visit

Big Schools Birdwatch

 21 January – 1 February 2013

take part in our UK wide birdwatch from your school grounds.
For a free teachers pack visit

Get Outdoors

Are your pupils connected to nature?
Take our online survey to find out how connected they are. 


National Trust

While you are thinking about things to do outdoors, have you seen The National Trust  

50 Things to do before you are 11 3/4! Click

Training from CEWC


Making Sense of Global Citizenship

CEWC is organising a one-day CPD/INSET course, Making Sense of Global Citizenship, on 21 November at the Temple of Peace in Cathays Park. It is a practical course, full of teaching ideas and aimed at any secondary teacher delivering or coordinating ESDGC, PSE or international aspects of the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Details …
Making Sense of Global Citizenship (Nov 2012)
Gwneud Synnwyr o Ddinasyddiaeth Fyd-eang (Tach 2012) 

Be a CEWC Associate Teacher

 If you are a qualified teacher, passionate about engaging young people in global issues and recognise the value of citizenship education, you could receive further training funded by CEWC and join our talent pool of CEWC Associate Teachers.
Apply by 11 November 2012
CEWC Associate Teachers Flyer



Just Living: Global Citizenship and economic well-being resource

Based on Article 27 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the right to a decent standard of living, this secondary school teaching resource explores global citizenship and economic well-being.
Age range: 11-16
Free to download

Thinking Rights  

A resource pack for secondary schools which aims to encourage young people to develop concepts and skills that will improve their thinking about the nature of human rights.
Age range: 11-16
Free to download

UNICEF Day for Change

February 8th

Each year, Day for Change focuses on a different aspect of UNICEF’s work. This year we’ve chosen food, so we’ll be looking at UNICEF’s vital nutrition work that helps to feed hungry children around the world. 


Puzzle Corner

Inspired by a crossword I saw on TES here is my Sustainability crossword puzzle for you. No prizes, sorry.

Any relevant puzzles or quizzes you send, I will put on future updates.

Did you Go Green for the Size of Wales?

...The Bee Cause education pack includes free resources to teach children the importance of bees – these include games, classroom activities, assembly plans, wildflower surveys and more. Download any primary or secondary resources. Why not get the most from our education resources by coming to a training session – find out about the next evening sessions in London and York.

Free Workshops @ National Museum Cardiff

Could you be a Sustainable Shopper (KS2) or take the Recycling Challenge (FP or KS2)?

To book call: (029) 2057 3240

Details of museum workshops

Christian Aid’s resources for

World Toilet Day  

Diwrnod Toiled y Byd

Mae adnoddau Cymorth Cristnogol ar gyfer Diwrnod Toiled y Byd (Tachwedd 19) yn canolbwyntio ar bwysigrwydd cael mynediad i ddŵr glân a glanweithdra.

Bwriad ein gwasanaeth a chyflwyniad yw helpu disgyblion i sylweddoli nad oes gan bawb yn y byd y math o gyfleusterau a gymerwn ni yn ganiataol. Gall hylendid gwael arwain at bob math o broblemau – gan gynnwys salwch a niwed i’r amgylchedd. Mae Jeremiah Muli, sy’n byw mewn slym yn Nairobi, prif ddinas Kenya, a Patricia Sawie, merch ysgol o Sierra Leone, yn disgrifio sut y bu i’w cymunedau orchfygu problemau glanweithdra.

Christian Aid’s resources for World Toilet Day (on 19 November) focus on the importance of access to clean water and sanitation.

Our assembly and presentation aim to help pupils realise that not everyone around the world has access to the sort of facilities we take for granted. Poor hygiene can lead to all sorts of problems – including sickness and a harmful effect on the environment.  Jeremiah Muli, who lives in a slum in Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, and Patricia Sawie, a schoolgirl in Sierra Leone, describe how their communities overcame sanitation problems. 

Adnoddau Cynradd: Trafferthion tai bach 
Primary resources: Toilet troubles

Adnoddau Uwchradd: Trafferth mewn toiled 
Secondary resources: Toilet break


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