Green Envelop On Line – coming soon

January Green Envelope On-Line now available.

Meanwhile …  don’t miss …

Christian Aid Assembly of the Month

This Christmas – Meet Nyampuga, a brave woman from the Democratic Republic of Congo. When she was separated from her children, she used singing to get through the toughest time imaginable.

 Y Nadolig hwn – dewch i gwrdd â Nyampuga, merch ddewr o Gweriniaeth Ddemocrataidd Congo. Wedi cael ei gwahanu o’i phlant dechreuodd ganu i’w helpu i oresgyn cyfnod anodd iawn yn ei bywyd.

 Cynradd – Primary:    Canwch yn llawen – Sing for joy

 Uwchradd – Secondary:    Canu campus – Sensational singing


Keep Cardiff Moving

Travel Planning Grants for Cardiff Schools are available now. The deadline is 13th January.  Read the Guidance Notes for schools 11-12 and complete the Application Form for schools 11-12.

Note that the criteria for eligible schemes have changed since the last round, and cycle stands are no longer eligible. However, if you want cycle stands for your school contact Laura Norman in Transport Strategy on 029 2087 2201 as these are available on a different scheme.

For travel planning advice for other council premises like Youth Centres and Adult Education Centres please contact Cheryl Owen 029 2087 3722.

Organisations and businesses not part of the Council can also apply for KCM Travel Planning Grants see the guidance notes and application forms on Keep Cardiff Moving webpage.

See previous posts for ESDGC In Cardiff

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